Sahavas: Lit., close companionship — An opportunity given by the Avatar to spend time with Him and to intimately feel His presence.  A gathering held in His honor where His lovers and followers meet to remember Him.

The Ocean of Love

"I love you.  Do not worry about your weaknesses.  Eventually they will go; even if they linger, love will one day consume them.  Everything disappears in the Ocean of Love.  Because I love you, you have a pool of love within you.  When you feel wretched, when you fall in your weakness, have a dip in that pool of love.  Refresh yourself in that pool of my love within you.  It is always there.  Even if you wash your weaknesses every day in that pool, it will remain clear.  Don't worry.  Baba loves you, that is what really matters."

Avatar Meher Baba
Is That So, ©1985 Bill Le Page

The Sahavas Gathering

Every year since 1976, the Center has sponsored a spiritual retreat.  This retreat called Sahavas, which means "sharing in the intimate company of the Beloved," provides an opportunity to remove oneself from the demands of daily life and spend time in remembrance of Meher Baba and His messages of Divine Love and Truth.

In recent years, the annual Silence Day Sahavas has been held on the grounds of Meherabode, our beautiful oasis in the middle of the bustling City of Los Angeles.  It extends for three or four days over the July 4th weekend and there are many activities to participate in.  Talks on Meher Baba and His Messages are given daily.  There are also sports and games, musical events, a toddy shop, participatory workshops and ample opportunity to meet new and old friends.

Adults and children of all ages come to share in the charged atmosphere created by Avatar Meher Baba's spiritual presence.  Baba said, "When five or more are gathered together in my name, I am there."

About Sahavas, Meher Baba said,

"Drink deep at the fountain of love, but do not lose consciousness!  If you can but taste even a drop of this love--what a wonderful experience it will be!  Have you any idea what this Sahavas is?  He who approaches me with a heart full of love, has my Sahavas.  After I drop this body and my passing away from your midst, many things will be said about this Sahavas.  Take fullest advantage of this opportunity in the living presence of the Avatar.  Forget everything else but my Sahavas and concentrate all your attention on me.  I am the Ancient One."

Meher Baba sent this message in 1958 to the West, in preparation for a Sahavas to be given there.  He said, "I may give you more, much more, than you expect--or maybe nothing, and that nothing may prove to be everything.  So I say, come with open hearts to receive much or nothing from your Divine Beloved.  Come prepared to receive not so much of my words but of my Silence."

Recently, Bhau Kalchuri, Chairman of Meher Baba's Trust in India and long time disciple of Meher Baba gave voice to what he felt was Baba's own voice within him, at a Sahavas held in India.  Bhau explained that Baba's Sahavas, once started, never really ends.  For Baba is like one who brings children down to the Ocean, encouraging them first to wet their feet, then to swim, and at length to dive deeply, until there awakens in them the longing to merge into the Ocean Itself.  Thus (as Bhau expressed it) the Beloved says to us - Know well that once you become aware of My Sahavas, it will not end until you become Me.  It continues until that time.  The programs organized for the Sahavas will end, but the Sahavas itself will not end until that time when you unite with Me.

The Sahavas Effort

The Sahavas committee is part of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California.  Planning for each Sahavas begins soon after the previous one, and continues throughout the year.

We strive to make the Sahavas affordable for everyone.  Children and juniors are charged at cost; only adults paying the full rate contribute to the overhead, which includes the costs associated with our guests, mailing and printing costs, child-care, etc.  Our overhead does not include the countless hours and professional contributions of committee members and others.

The Sahavas is an entirely volunteer effort.  The committee gives its efforts to Baba that His lovers may draw deeply from His Ocean.  Anyone may join the Sahavas effort, regardless of where they live.  We actively invite your participation.

Sahavas Photos


The 2015 Silence Day Urban Sahavas was held at Meherabode in Los Angeles, on July 3rd, 4th & 5th.  Special Guest Speaker: Charles Haynes.  Special Guest Musician: Jamie Newell.


Courtesy of AMBCSC LA Sahavas Committee.  All rights reserved.

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