Meher Baba, The Awakener

Avatar Meher Baba was born in Poona, India in 1894.  His mission as Avatar, the Hindu word for Godman, started in 1921 and developed as a practical example of his principle message of love.  He worked with disciples in India, Europe, America and the poor of India, through free schools, dispensaries and shelters.  His life was devoted not to teaching but to awakening humanity to the unifying message of love and the Truth given by great messengers of the past.  His belief that all had been said was given emphasis by his observing silence for 44 years, from 1925 until his death in 1969.

Utilizing a vast library of film footage and interviews, this 1994 television documentary chronicles the life and work of this remarkable figure, his worldwide travels, spiritual messages and unique humanitarian efforts.  Filmmaker Tim Thelen explores Meher Baba's well-publicized trips to the U.S. and Europe, his extensive work with the poor, the physically and mentally ill, and his attempts to draw people toward a spiritual life.

Interviews with Bhau Kalchuri, Don Stevens, Rustom and Sohrab Irani, Marguerite Poley and Robert Ellwood.  Music by Karl Moeller and K. Sridhar.  Director of Photography John A. Brackett.  Narrated by Dina Snow.  Produced and Directed by Tim Thelen 1994, 2007/Color/55 Minutes.

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